Who will wear women’s draughts crown?

Time flies with an incredible speed. It seems like recently the draughts world spread sensational news about refusal to defend Champions titles of their owners Alexander Georgiev and Zoya Golubeva. Bronze medalists of the last World Championships – Roel Boomstra and Olga Kamyshleeva got an unexpected chance to become draughts King and Queen. And now tomorrow in the Polish town of Karpacz female match starts.

Who will win? This question worries the minds of amateurs and professionals. Kamyshleeva has behind her shoulders more draughts experience. Yes, and the gold medal she had already tasted in 2003 year when winning the World Championship, she became the 7th draughts Queen! On the side of Sadovska is youth, optimism and a great desire to go down in history as the 9th world champion in draughts-100.

And the Netherlands, and Poland will crave success to their representatives. But will win for sure … Belarus! Yes, you heard right! The thing is that the match in Karpacz will be a unique event in the life of the Belarusian grandmaster Evgeny Vatutin, who is the mentor of both players competing in Poland. With Olga he was from the beginning of the eighties of last century when she was a small girl Olya living in Minsk. And being 13 years she already became a champion of Belarus among women! And here lately, Evgeny coaches Polish athlete and under his care she shows excellent results last time.

It is interesting that in draughts history has already been the case when in a match for the women’s title competed students of one coach. And it was also Belarussian mentor! In the year 1986 in such a hot situation got Michael Katz with his draughtsgirls Elena Altshul and Zoya Golubeva. And exactly after 30 years we have the same story but with other heroes!

So, we are waiting for interesting match! Tune into positive emotions!

Aleksej Domchev